Sentinels in the Sun

"Sentinels in the Sun" is U.S. Navy and Vietnam Veteran Robert Reynolds' newest Vietnam era novel.  It's a sequel to his popular "Firing at Shadows" and "A Perilous Place".  All three stories take place in and around Da Nang using Navy security forces as the primary characters and Navy facilities as central to the themes.  Relive the NSA Headquarters at the White Elephant, Camp Tien Sha, Camp Carter, Monkey Mountain, Marble Mountain, the piers, Da Nang Air Base, adverse weather, the Tet Offensive, female encounters, the black-market, night watches, friendships, rocket attacks...  Experience the excitement of Da Nang during the turbulent '60s.  True-to-life recreations of events and characters bring back vivid memories of that time and place. 

Check book cover pictures and read story summaries at the website.  Books can be ordered through,,, and other major online booksellers.  Thank you for serving.