February 2012

Book Look: Band Of Brothers

A look at Stephen Ambrose's timeless work on a WWII parachute infantry company

To the best of my memory, one of the two old vets seated at a table inside the big hangar at Executive Aviation at Flying Could Regional Airport looked down at the book he was about to autograph and said “Oh, the old edition,” surprised to see a copy that did not feature a group of actors in WWII uniforms and gear standing below the books title, which prompted me to reply back:  “Yeah.  I got mine before the miniseries came out.”

What miniseries, you ask?  Why, “Band of Brothers”, of course; perhaps the most famous World War Two-related book and miniseries ever.  

Care Packages for the Military

Here are a few ideas to send to your loved ones.

Recently my cousin, who is serving in Japan, lamented how he missed home during Valentine’s Day, and how he missed making all of those cute glittery valentines. I told him immediately that we’d send him one, and so we did. We filled a large manila envelope with some artwork and valentines from everyone, as well as some dinosaur coloring book pages and games from one of my daughter’s activity books. Then we covered the entire package in pink and red hearts, castles, jewels, and other valentine-y decorations and mailed it to him. I really hope he enjoys it!

Book Look: Bravo Two Zero

A summary of Andy McNabb's bestseller from Gulf War One


Though some sources class it as a novel, this book is actually billed as non-fiction. *  It’s story, however, seems worthy of an action novel: during the opening days of the First Gulf War, an eight-man team from the British Special Air Service (SAS) whose ground call sign was "Bravo Two Zero" was dispatched deep into Iraq to seek out and destroy the infamous “Scud” missiles Saddam Hussein was launching against Israel to try to spark their participation in the conflict.  Participation which, Saddam knew, would mean the US-led coalition would splinter with all the participating Arab nations quitting over Israeli involvement.